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2015-11-07 16:43

Alarm Clock Free - Wake Up with This Easy to Use Alarm Clock

for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!

This is a super simple alarm clock with large buttons. It turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a beautiful digital alarm clock for free!

Alarm Clock Free is designed to work exactly like a classic digital alarm clock. It's easy to use with the features you really need. 

◉ Gorgeous red LCD style display
◉ Personalize with 5 built-in alarm sounds
◉ Retina display 
◉ Big buttons 
◉ A large display 
◉ It automatically uses your iPhone clock settings, like 24/12 hour clock format and AM/PM settings.
◉ Control the foreground brightness by sliding the clock screen from left to right.
◉ Very useful and easy to use. 

Download this alarm clock today!

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